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New Pune Airport Terminal to be operational by January 2024

At the current Pune Airport, a new terminal building is being constructed that will be operational
by January 2024. The power supply to the terminal building has started, and the testing facility is
successfully completed. This project is being overlooked by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO),
and they want to ensure the terminal starts operations in October.
To start the operations, the airport officials met airline representatives and requested they
relocate the offices to the new terminal building within eight to ten days.
The new terminal building will offer seamless travel to the travellers. Currently, long queues are
observed at check-in points and security gates at an old terminal building. The new terminal
building is being constructed for Rs 475 crore and will be able to handle around 20,000-22,000
passengers daily. Approximately 120 aircraft movements will be witnessed daily once the
terminal building is operational.

Sq. Feet of State-of-the-art Infrastructure
Integrated Domestic & International Terminal
0 K
Passenger Designed Capacity
9Mn Passengers in 2023-24
0 Mn
Check in counters
10 Operational Aero bridges
Sq. Feet of commercial space
12K Sq. Feet of Retail space
0 K

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Experience Innovation with Pune Airport's New Terminal

Step into a new era of aviation with Pune Airport’s latest terminal, a state-of-the-art facility designed with contemporary aesthetics and enhanced functionality. With an expansive retail area, this terminal takes the passenger experience to new heights. The new terminal at Pune Airport isn’t just a transit point – it’s a destination in itself.

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Our state-of-the-art terminal transforms the travel experience into an engaging journey. With its contemporary aesthetics and enhanced functionality, this terminal is more than just a transit point - it's a destination.

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Our terminal features an impressive array of retail spaces, strategically located to maximize brand visibility and passenger engagement.

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The terminal's design facilitates seamless passenger flow, meaning more potential customers passing by your store. Coupled with the high footfall, this is a lucrative opportunity to extend your reach.

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